Let's talk about the Rainbow Flag

Let’s talk about the Rainbow Flag. 

A young gay man walks down Pearl street seeing dozens and dozens of flags hung in the windows of every shop and restaurant. He realizes that, even if the world might not be a perfect place right now, that we are slowly moving in the right direction. For him, that flag doesn’t represent Pride. It represents Hope. For him, Hope is a right.

Another woman, this time much older, sees that flag and remembers the decades of silent stares and unspeakable violence. She remembers when holding hands was a crime. She remembers that for every person who might fight to take away her sacred right of happiness, there are dozens and dozens that stand with her and her wife in the constant march for equality. For her, it represents Courage. Courage is a right.

And then a couple. Their voice has to be a loud because they spend too much time unheard. Their gender might not be binary, but their convictions and rights are non-negotiable. In seeing those flags they realize that Main Street won’t always be terrifying. For them, that flag represents Acceptance, and Acceptance is a right.

For this month of June, Pride is a right. 

This June we anticipate the Supreme Court’s decision on the Masterpiece Cakeshop Case. Coincidently, that decision may fall smack dab in the middle of Pride month. The LGBTQ community hopes for a certain outcome, but it isn’t really about that hate-filled cake. It’s about Hope, Acceptance, Courage, and Pride. Regardless of that outcome, let’s cover the streets of Boulder County with Rainbow Flags showing that our community is every bit as smart, forward-thinking, inclusive, and accepting as we aim to be.

If you don’t have a flag already, you can order one from us here: https://goo.gl/forms/GFw9GlbpmosKHoCq2 or easily get one on Amazon. 

Help us cover Boulder County in the month of June with reminders of Hope, Acceptance, Courage, and Pride. 

Damn right we can have our cake and eat it too.