Out Boulder County Announces New Brand

This is not a logo. This is a celebration.

After years with our current brand, we've noticed that we've fallen slightly behind the times. This affects not only our presence to donors and partners, but our morale internally.

We are thrilled to announce a new logo (and corresponding brand) for Out Boulder County.

After countless design sessions, substantial vetting with the leadership of the community, and many casual feedback sessions of the entire rainbow, we present to you our newest evolution in brand identity.

We hope you find it as effective, inclusive, and compelling as we do.


We begin as a rough idea of who we are and gradually add facets to ourselves until we become whole.

This 25th anniversary rebrand represents the evolution of Out Boulder County, the people and community that we represent, the tremendous progress that has been made for our rights, and the battle that we continue to fight every day.

The palette honors the traditional pride flag and all it represents, with the critical inclusion of grey and black to represent the transgender and non-binary community.

For specific context and communities, alternative logos were created.


Because, frankly, you deserve this.

After 25 years of hard work by thousands of dedicated volunteers, board members, staff, donors, and vendors... OBC deserves a massage and a day at the spa.

But this is more than cosmetic.

The purpose of a brand is not just to provide a common visual language for promotion and communication, but rather to provide a standard, a flag, that everyone can rally behind with confidence, because the battle isn't over.

We hope that this new visual identity gives you, your partners and ours that little extra spark to know that as dark as things seem, we are always evolving and moving forward. Facets and all.