In Solidarity With Our Latinx community

August 5, 2019

In Solidarity with our Latinx community:

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Statement from Miranda E
As the Chair of Out Boulder County’s Queer and Trans People of Color Steering Committee and a member of the Board of Directors it is with our hearts open and the trembling reality that we extend our deepest condolences to the families/friends of those experiencing the impact of the most recent shootings targeting the Latinx community. As a person of color the impact of this incident as well as the daily news that reflects the individual, institutional and structural racism and xenophobia in our world makes it difficult to flourish into our true amazing selves. We at Out Boulder County would like to take the time to tell our Latinx community that you are loved, you deserve to live, you are important and crucial to the fabric of our existence. Never forget that your skin reflects the vibrant color of our earth, you carry the generational resistance and resilience in the beat of your heart and you have roots that extend past any imposed borders, laws and colonial violence that still exists. As we continue to fight the daily violence against marginalized communities we must not do it alone, you are not alone.

Statement from Kevin E
As Board President of Out Boulder County and a member of the white community, I would like to ask that we as allies of the Latinx Community exist in solidarity as they experience not only the atrocity that occurred in El Paso, but also the daily barrage of racism and xenophobia from the President and his administration. Constant comments berating the Latinx community are meant to diminish and dehumanize people and justify continued violence. As white allies our actions and our many privileges can be used to dismantle the racism that continues to harm those whose lives deserve to be lived. White allies, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves regarding our own bias, racism and privilege, find other white allies to learn from, engage in difficult dialogue, and center the voices/experiences and lives of those most impacted. Let our actions drown out the vehemence from this administration and dismantle the continued historical oppression.

For more information on how to report a hate crime in Boulder County please refer to  

Miranda E (They/them, she/her) 
Chair of QTPOC Steering Committee and a member of Board of Directors

Kevin Ellis (he/him/his)
Board President