Help Us Move!

Dear Friend of Out Boulder County,

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Have you ever felt there just wasn’t enough room for you? Maybe it was a crowded bus, a concert, or a classroom?

But what if there wasn’t enough room for you in the one and only place you felt safe and welcome in the whole world?

Unfortunately, that’s the situation we have right now at the Out Boulder County Pridehouse. Since I began here in 2013, we’ve gone from having a smart, inclusive President who was working to ensure our safety and equality to one who regularly bullies his enemies, sows the seeds of discord and encourages discrimination against our community. In that time, though, we’ve made great strides:

• We’ve grown from 2.25 full time staff to 5 full-time staff and 2 part-time, with 2 committed regular interns in the office!

• We’ve also more than doubled the number of individuals we serve (from 7,000 to over 15,000), and dramatically increased the number of groups who regularly use our space for meetings.

• We’ve developed the strongest active trans community in the state, including a trans steering committee

But there’s just not enough room! Many groups end up sitting on the floor or spilling out onto the patio, and some of our staff work on folding tables and in closets! We’ve outgrown the Pridehouse.

That’s why I’m writing today. We have a fantastic opportunity to move very nearby into a larger historic Boulder home. Thanks to the generosity of FUMC and the new Attention Homes building we can move to the Heritage House at 15th and Spruce.

But, construction work needs to be completed before we can move in and make it ours. Walls need to be taken down to open up space for our groups, painting, carpets, and the kitchen area needs work and we intend to make it accessible for our community members who use wheelchairs. We also need to upgrade technology and buy a few desks.

So….I’m asking for your help to join our “We are moving!” campaign to enable us to reach our overall goal of $100,000.

Construction will begin soon in September so time is of the essence--We already have a forward-thinking individual who has stepped up with a $3,000 match.

Could you help with a contribution of $3,000, $2,000. $1,000 or $500? Perhaps $500 or $250 might feel more doable for you? Any amount will be warmly received and will go directly to help us grow to meet the needs of our ever-growing and vibrant community.

Thank you in advance for acknowledging our need and helping us make sure there’s always room for all of us at Pridehouse,

Mardi Moore

P.S. Your gift is urgently needed. The Pridehouse is not just a place for celebration and coming together—it’s where injustice is fought and where people seek refuge and safety.