We Won’t Be Erased

Yesterday’s news was another shock to our individual and collective systems.  As we each read yesterday’s New York Times article detailing the intent by the federal administration to redefine Title Nine protections to specifically exclude and erase transgender, non-binary, intersex, and other gender diverse individuals from its protections, our fears rose and our hearts sank.

As a member of the Board and as an out and proud trans masculine individual, I have been in communication with my fellow Board members and our staff, and we stand united and committed to continuing the fight against this administration's repeated attacks on the LGBTQ community. We renew and affirm our pledge of solidarity to the trans community in that:

* The "T" and all genders it represents is firmly imprinted in our organization and nothing this administration does will ever erase that.

* We will continue to educate and advocate for the transgender, non-binary, intersex, and gender diverse community with our local government, law enforcement, businesses, and community, always.

* We will continue to do the work, both internally and externally within the community, to continue to center the voices and experiences of our queer and trans people of color community.

*We will continue to acknowledge and lift up those with intersecting identities who are the most vulnerable in our community and act in solidarity together.

In the State of Colorado, trans people have protections. I encourage you to vote by November 6th to ensure a fair and just Colorado.

As a member of the community, to my gender expansive family, I say this: Know that your existence matters. Know that we see you in your authenticity and no words that anyone commits to paper will ever erase the beautiful individual that you are. There are uncertain times yet to come and we will face them together. Our family and this community is based on strength and resilience. No one stands alone. You are not alone. Together we will never be erased, together we will never be eliminated. Trans people have always existed. We will always be here. We #WontBeErased.

On behalf of the Out Boulder County Board of Directors

W. Ravyn Wayne (he-him-his)

Board Treasurer

Helpful Resources

Trans Lifeline: 877-565-8860

Boulder County Gender Support groups welcome all gender-expansive identities and meets weekly in Longmont (Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm) and Boulder (Thursdays 7-9pm) at the Out Boulder County offices.

Relevant upcoming events

To build solidarity in community, and support your own resiliency, we invite you to please participate with our upcoming events:

Boulder County Responds to Hate

5:30-7:30pm, Monday, October 29 at Boulder Jewish Community Center (6007 Oreg Ave)

Throughout the country, there has been an increase in reported hate crimes.  The DA’s Office is launching a Bias & Hate Crimes Initiative to raise community awareness and improve the collective response to these offenses.  Join District Attorney Michael Dougherty, community leaders, law enforcement, and school representatives for important panel discussions on “Fighting Hate in Our Communities” and “Social Media & Bullying.”

If you have experienced a hate crime or incident, or in the event of an emergency, please call 911.  The Boulder County DA’s Bias hotline for non-emergency reporting is 303-441-1595. See more on our website or facebook event.

Trans Awareness Week, Nov 13-20

Tuesday, Nov 13, 7 pm: Kate Bornstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger film screening at the Dairy Arts Center, Boedecker Theater.  For decades, performance artist and writer Kate Bornstein has been exploding binaries and deconstructing gender. And, her own identity. Trans-dyke. Reluctant polyamorist. Sadomasochist. Recovering Scientologist. Pioneering Gender Outlaw. Kate Bornstein Is a Queer and Pleasant Danger, joins her on her latest tour capturing rollicking public performances and painful personal revelations as it bears witness to Kate as a trailblazing artist theorist activist who inhabits a space between male and female with wit, style, and astonishing candor. By turns meditative and playful, the film invites us on a thought provoking journey through Kate's world to seek answers to some of life's biggest questions. (Same Feder, 2014, USA, 1:12, NR)

Wednesday, Nov 14, 6:30-8:30pm: Sharing Transgender Stories: Q&A Panel at OBC Longmont office. Join us for an evening of story-telling in which you will hear inspiring stories, learn about trans experiences, have an opportunity to have your questions answered, and learn how to be a better ally.

Saturday, Nov 17, 4-7pm: TransGiving at OBC Longmont office. Community meal open to trans, non-binary, and gender expansive individuals only. Our annual TransGiving Dinner is a celebration of our trans community. Join together with other trans identified folk and enjoy a free traditional holiday meal in a safe and welcoming environment. Meet old and new friends and enjoy sharing space with folks who share a trans identity.

This event is for trans-identified individuals only. This event is 18+. Folks ages 16 or 17 may be allowed with guardian permission. Please RSVP to the event via the link below so we may be able to accommodate all attending:

Sunday, Nov 18, 6-8pm: Trans & Friends Social at Under the Sun (627 South Broadway, Boulder)

Join us for an informal gathering of trans folks, friends, families, partners, and allies as we share space, food, drinks, and community.  

Monday, Nov 19, 4:30-6:30pm: Trans Trivia at OBC Longmont office. Celebrate Trans Awareness Week with OBC's youth program! Youth-run trivia game to educate and entertain folks of all ages about trans topics. Pizza & prizes provided.  All ages & identities welcome!

Tuesday, Nov 20, 6pm: Trans Day of Remembrance (TDOR), Old Courthouse on Pearl St. Transgender Day of Remembrance is an annual observance on November 20 that honors those lives lost due to anti-transgender violence. We will meet at the Courthouse on Pearl Street in Boulder to begin the ceremony and hear from speakers. Then we will walk silently together to the First United Methodist Church labyrinth for the reading of names. Attendees will have time to walk the labyrinth after the names are read.

Support the ongoing work of Out Boulder County in building community resiliency by donating.

Out Boulder County Statement Regarding President Trump’s Ban on Transgender Military Service Members’ Continued Service to Our Country

Out Boulder County Statement Regarding President Trump’s Ban on Transgender Military Service Members’ Continued Service to Our Country

FOR OFFICIAL RELEASE: Statement from Out Boulder County Regarding President Trump’s Ban on Transgender Military Service Members’ Continued Service to Our Country, July 26th, 2017.

With a statement from Out Boulder County Board Member and transgender veteran, Cole Hart.

Out Boulder County Statement Regarding Title IX and Transgender Youth

Out Boulder County Statement Regarding Title IX and Transgender Youth

We learned yesterday that the Department of Education will no longer enforce Title IX to defend transgender students, with agreement from the new Secretary, Betsy DeVos. This decision comes under heavy pressure from Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice. The broad reaching effect of this choice goes much further than just bathrooms; this change ends all rights and protections afforded to transgender youth under Title IX.

We have assurances from Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley School Districts that their policies to protect transgender youth will remain in place. Additionally, in Colorado, we are lucky enough to have broad legal protections for our transgender youth under SB08-200, which prohibits any discrimination in housing and public accommodations (including schools) based on a person’s actual or perceived transgender identity. These protections are unequivocal and require ALL Colorado schools to continue protecting transgender youth, despite this change in federal policy.