Seagate Technology Debuts PRIDE! Employee Group, Sponsors Activities in Boulder County

Seagate Technology is delighted to be a sponsor of Pride activities in Boulder County, Colorado this summer. A global leader in data storage technology, Seagate’s design center in Longmont employs nearly 1,500 people. It’s an exciting place to be, as the need for data storage is growing exponentially. Seagate is developing amazing products that enable people and businesses around the world to create, share and preserve their most critical memories, business files and other data.

Longmont Pride will be the debut event for Seagate’s newest employee resource group, Seagate PRIDE!. Founded in late September by a transgender Senior Engineer from Seagate’s Minnesota design center, Seagate PRIDE! is a global community of nearly 100 employees connected through the Google Plus virtual platform for resources and networking. The formation of Seagate PRIDE! inspired more than a dozen Longmont employees to start a local chapter in late April of this year.

“We had a fantastic turnout for our kickoff meeting,” said Ian Waltman, Chair of the Longmont PRIDE! chapter and an analyst in Seagate’s Business Excellence group. “We had several parents of transgender youth and a great group of allies. We also had plenty of LGBTQI individuals from a variety of business functions represented here in Longmont.”

(Pictured: Amy Zuckerman, Shawna Callison, Morgan Allen Co-Chair of Seagate Pride's Longmont Chapter, Ross Thomas, Sheila Phillips, and Ian Waltman Chair of Seagate Pride's Longmont Chapter)

(Pictured: Amy Zuckerman, Shawna Callison, Morgan Allen Co-Chair of Seagate Pride's Longmont Chapter, Ross Thomas, Sheila Phillips, and Ian Waltman Chair of Seagate Pride's Longmont Chapter)

The Longmont chapter of Seagate PRIDE! aims to have a large impact, both on-site and externally in Boulder County. The primary goal is to support LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex) employees and their allies, providing resources on workplace issues and networking to help employees feel a greater sense of belonging at Seagate. Creating a culture of inclusion helps spread the spirit of belonging from one diverse employee group to all employees.           

Seagate PRIDE! is ready to help other employees talk about challenging issues, break through silence and stereotypes, and help to cultivate an environment where people feel free to bring their whole, authentic selves to work each day. The group plans to hold educational events open to all employees at the site, participate in local job fairs, and as stakeholders, offer their input on policies of particular importance to LGBTQI employees and their families.

“Our aim is to solidify Seagate as a leader in normalizing being openly and confidently LGBTQI in the workplace,” said Morgan Allen, Senior Engineer and Co-Chair of the Longmont PRIDE! chapter. “We want to continue fostering a welcoming atmosphere where one’s sexual orientation is a safe and comfortable topic. And in the areas where there is still stigma, we want to provide a welcoming environment to connect with, educate, and help people who are uncomfortable with the LGBTQI community, or struggling with their own sexual orientation at work,” said Allen.

Seagate operations span nearly 40 countries, and our diversity has enabled Seagate to lead in the data storage industry for more than 30 years. That’s because Seagate teams solve problems better and innovate more when they come from different backgrounds, experience and perspectives. As a company, Seagate values not only the visible aspects of diversity such as ethnicity, age, ability and more, but also the less visible diversity aspects such as sexual orientation, religion and national origin.

Seagate’s commitment to leveraging diversity has an impact both internally and externally. Employee-led resource groups provide networking, education and leadership development opportunities for diverse employees. Outside the company, the diversity within Seagate’s employee volunteer base enhances the company’s community outreach efforts within Boulder County, many of which reach youth considering careers in “STEM” - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Seagate bars harassment and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, gender expression and gender identity, as well as numerous other diversity dimensions. Seagate provides benefits for transgender employees, and employees have the option to modify their name and gender in Seagate’s human resources systems. In addition, employees can designate if they do not identify as either male or female; they also have an option to decline to state any gender.

Seagate PRIDE! is very interested in networking with other LGBTQI employee resource groups in the area. The recent Out Boulder County event for LGBTQI resource groups was inspiring for Seagate PRIDE! leaders. Sharing best practices and ideas will be an important part of getting to know people at other companies who are working on similar issues.

Please reach out to learn more about Seagate and Seagate PRIDE!, and don’t forget to stop by Seagate’s booth at Longmont and Boulder Pride for giveaways and demos. We look forward to connecting with you!