Youth Wellness Act: Concerning Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education

We are excited about this upcoming legislation (HB 19-1032) that would require that schools that offer sex ed to incorporate conversations about consent and healthy relationships, clarify that sex ed must not endorse a particular religious ideology, must not shame or stigmatize students, and must be inclusive of LGBTQ youth.

HB 19-1032 will be heard on Wednesday, January 30, at 1:30 PM by the House Health and Insurance Committee.

Planned Parenthood hosts Women & Family Wednesdays where they offer lobby training, bill information, and an opportunity to speak to legislators. The next one is Jan 30, 8am-12pm.

Learn more about the Youth Wellness Act from this one-sheet prepared by ACLU Colorado and Planned Parenthood.

This bill is being sponsored by Senator Don Coram (R) (, Rep. Susan Lontine (D) (, and Nancy Todd (D) ( Thank you!

House Health and Insurance Committee Members:

Committee Chair Rep. Susan Lontine (D) 303-866-2966

Vice Chair Rep. Yadira Caraveo (D) 303-866-2918

Rep. Janet P. Buckner (D) 303-866-2944

Rep. Brianna Titone (D) 303-866-2962

Rep. Cathy Kipp (D) 303-866-4569

Rep. Kyle Mullica (D) 303-866-2931

Rep. Dominique Jackson (D) 303-866-391