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This week, the community spotlight turns into a FLOOD LIGHTS and they are all aimed at Manhattan Middle School, the amazing young people that attend the school, and the absolutely revolutionary, loving faculty and staff that make Manhattan a place of equality, respect, and well being for all that enter the school.  

Manhattan Middle School held an assembly for their entire student body this past Friday with the intention to educate and empower each and every one of the students to create a culture of love and support, one of true camaraderie. Where curiosity about the things that make us different is valued over picking on, or making fun of those differences.  

Approximately 450 people gathered in the Phoenix auditorium and actively engaged  with a variety of messages highlighting the impact that words and phrases like "That's so gay" and "That's so retarded" as well as the richness in being of different cultural and ethnic heritage.

We were treated to a wonderful concert by the school's own choir and by the acclaimed Denver Gay Men's Chorus too!  Immediately following, students returned to their classrooms to craft the strategy to stamp out bullying in their school.
As Kathleen Sepeda, member of Out Boulder's board of directors put it, "something beautiful happened at Manhattan Middle School this past Friday, and it is inevitable to feel excitement for all the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.   It takes only one very courageous school to set the tone"  Manhattan Middle School has stepped up to that challenge and takes the lead in the effort to create truly safe and embracing Boulder Valley Schools.  

Manhattan Middle School Phoenix, shine bright and continue to R.I.S.E!

       ( Respect, Individual Responsibility, Safety, Excellence)


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