Moving Towards Collective Liberation: Our Next Steps


On Tuesday, November 29th, we joined over 300 community members to join together and explore the horizon of LGBTQ activism and intersectional liberation in Boulder County and beyond. We asked our community partners to collect some action steps that someone can take to help their cause, because we can only improve the world by combining our power and working together to fully realize our dream of intersectional liberation. You can read more about our event here:

If you have been the victim of abuse, violence, harassment, or bullying, you can fill out this form from Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence and return it to their office at 835 North St. Boulder, CO. This form does not report your incident to police, although SPAN can help connect you to law enforcement if you would like to file and official report as well. You can download the English version by clicking here. If you need to fill out your report en Espanol: Puede descargar la versión en inglés haciendo clic aquí.

Click on each organization below to read their 5 steps for change: