(no pronouns)

Timmy Basista is from North Carolina and moved to Colorado in 2017 interested in pursuing a graduate chemistry degree at CU. In college, Timmy led an LGBTQ+ student group and worked hard with the administration and other student groups to promote inclusivity across intersectionalities in regards to race, ethnicity, transgender individuals, and religion.

As soon as I arrived here, I went to Out Boulder to begin grounding myself in the LGBTQ+ community to see what needs there may be that I can fulfill and how I can best be of service. It's important to me that individuals within the LGBTQ+ spectrum, especially those with other minority statuses, have a voice. The more disenfranchised one is, the more passionate I am to finding ways to restore a sense of personhood. Everyone deserves to be heard. Everyone deserves to be loved. Everyone deserves to be treated like a human with their own struggles, challenges, passions, and desires.

I want to promote a positive, individual-oriented mindset where even if I am unable to do much, I can at least direct someone to the type of resources that can enable them to recover or discover their own voice. I love Out Boulder County because every individual who works there is so unapologetically and stridently working to make everyone as welcome and encouraged as they possibly can. That is an organization and group of people that I am willing to put my full efforts behind.