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Longmont Pride

Bigger and Better than Ever



Seagate Technology Debuts PRIDE! Employee Group, Sponsors Activities in Boulder County


(Pictured: Amy Zuckerman, Shawna Callison, Morgan Allen Co-Chair of Seagate Pride's Longmont Chapter, Ross Thomas, Sheila Phillips, and Ian Waltman Chair of Seagate Pride's Longmont Chapter)


Let Us All Eat Cake

Can you guess who wrote the following?

“…gay persons and gay couples cannot be treated as social outcasts or as inferior in dignity and worth…”

States can “protect gay persons…in acquiring whatever products and services they choose on the same terms and conditions as they are offered to other members of the public.”

Many of you will recognize that these statements are taken from Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion in the Masterpiece Bakeshop case.


Let's talk about the Rainbow Flag

Let’s talk about the Rainbow Flag. 

A young gay man walks down Pearl street seeing dozens and dozens of flags hung in the windows of every shop and restaurant. He realizes that, even if the world might not be a perfect place right now, that we are slowly moving in the right direction. For him, that flag doesn’t represent Pride. It represents Hope. For him, Hope is a right.


Calling All LGBTQ+ Veterans!

We have received a small grant to support LGBTQ+ veterans. We are planning an initial meeting to hear what local vets want this programming to be. If you are an LGBTQ+ veteran, please contact Michal ( so that we can include your input.  As we hear back, we will schedule this meeting in order to move forward.


Programa para Jóvenes de Color que son LGBTQ, Cuestionando, y sus Aliados

Out Boulder County (OBC) se esfuerza por ofrecer apoyo y programación a todos los sectores de nuestra comunidad local lesbiana, gay, bisexual, transgénero, queer (LGBTQ), y cuestionando, especialmente aquellos que más lo necesitan. Como comunidad que abarca todos los demás grupos demográficos, estamos trabajando para convertirnos en una organización inclusiva que reconozca y celebre nuestra unidad, así como nuestra diversidad.


QTPOC Youth Program

Out Boulder County (OBC) strives to offer support and programming to all sectors of our local lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQQ) community, especially those at greatest need.


Domestic Violence Mobile Advocacy


Pride T-Shirt Contest

Out Boulder County’s Longmont and Boulder Pride t-shirt design contest (Contest has concluded) 



World AIDS Day

It was 1985 and I was walking down Castro Street toward Market on a gorgeous June San Francisco day. I had graduated from High School in Houston, Texas just a week earlier and now I was surrounded by the exact opposite of where I had grown up – a liberal fantasyland which felt truly unreal – yet it wasn’t the rainbow flag festooned boulevard then that it is today; instead, black bunting and sorrow ruled the neighborhood.