Trans Awareness Week

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On behalf of the trans steering committee and our trans community members…

I want to thank everyone for coming out in support and celebration of our trans community, every day and especially this past Trans Awareness Week.  We sold out the film, had deep meaningful sharing at the panel, a record-breaking 65 attendees at TransGiving, and a lively turnout of 46 at our Trans & Friends Social! We also had a great time celebrating our lives and histories with the youth-led Trans Trivia game, the first time the youth program has sponsored an event.  All this celebration bolstered our spirits to observe the somber Trans Day of Remembrance, an important ceremony to honor the value of our lives and the feelings of loss we share for our fallen community members.

Thank you for another meaningful year! 

Michal (they/them)

Out Boulder County Education & Program Manager

A special thank you to Chef Connie Kays at Live Well Eat Smart for catering this year's TransGiving celebration!

Check them out by clicking here! 


Interested in sponsoring an event in 2020?
Please email Juan Moreno (he/him) at


Thank You to Our 2019 Sponsors